Snake Island Cottagers’ Association (S.I.C.A.)

Updates are provided to SICA members through email, if you have not been receiving email updates re: COVID-19 please use the “Contact Us” link on the top menu and request that you be added to our distribution list. These updates have also been posted in the SICA section of the website, for registered SICA members.

Benefits of SICA membership

  1. Ongoing and future negotiations and communications with the band.
    • It is crucial we maintain a good relationship with the band to ensure longevity and reasonable rates for future leases.
  2. Website Hosting, Development & Maintenance
    • Maintaining and updating the snake island website – and access to “Members Only” content of including news, Regatta results, pictures, newsletters, meeting agendas and minutes, the SICA constitution, archives and more!
  3. Liability insurance for regatta & public docks
    • Without insurance we would not be able to hold Regatta each year
  4. Organization and funding of Events, such as
    • Regatta
    • Mosquito control
      • larvacide to protect from mosquitoes and associated diseases they carry
    • Island cleanup events (such as scrap metal pickups)
    • Past events have included CPR and fire safety courses
  5. Docks
    • Installation, removal and maintenance (Spring & Fall each year) of the East dock (located on the right of way between Lots 21 & 22).
    • There is also a West dock (located on the right of way between front Lots 133 & 135), which is now a permanent dock, but was also previously maintained by SICA.
    • These public (to islanders) docks are not just used by those with cottages in close proximity to the docks, but also by those who are, at times due to weather, unable to reach their own docks.
  6. Leasing the Island Grove Wharf
    • a.k.a.‘Government’ dock on the mainland(between Island Grove Marina and East Point Dock) to ensure current and future access to the island.
    • This dock is used as a place where people without their own slips can briefly park their boats at the mainland, while they head into town for groceries, etc.
    • Note:  No overnight parking is permitted without permission and there is a maximum of 3 nights (with permission) per season.
  7. Environmental protection donations to and participation with environmental groups such as
  8. You can Rent Association items for your events on the island
    • over sized bar-b-que’s
    • large tent canopies
  9. Paid members also have a chance to win a Door prize (approximate value $250) at every Regatta

Please be sure to drop by the membership table at the Regatta (to update your contact info and) pay your dues so we can continue to make Snake Island a fun, safe, clean and happy place for all our current and future cottagers. Questions?  Send us a message.

Reasons to Join SICA

  • Have you ever attended Regatta?
  • Do you now or have you ever used either of the public East or West docks on the island?
  • Have you ever parked your boat at the government dock (between Island Grove & East Point)?
  • Would you like to have the ability to rent extra large size bar-b-que(s) or tents from right here on the island?
  • Do you enjoy that (most years) we have few mosquitoes on the island compared to other places?
  • Do you like the idea of “there is strength in numbers” when negotiating with the band?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, they are all paid for by SICA!