Sheppard’s Dock Wharf

Islanders have often referred to the Sheppard’s Dock Wharf  as “The Government Dock”.  It is owned by the Township of Georgina and located on Lake Drive North (between Island Grove and East Point Marinas) at the end of Sheppard Ave.

The Wharf is leased by the Snake Island Cottagers’ Association from the Town of Georgina.

Please note, Sheppard’s Dock Wharf is a public dock and therefore we will not entertain complaints about

individuals fishing or otherwise enjoying the dock. Notwithstanding, this is a public dock for the temporary use and enjoyment of all.  Boaters are limited to use this dock for the purposes of TEMPORARY parking only. For example, to park a boat for a few hours, while in town doing shopping, or occasionally parking overnight. However, the Wharf, is NOT to be used as a private boat slip (for example to park for the day by commuters).

In addition, please be advised that there is a seasonal maximum parking limit of 3 nights. Those 3 nights may be consecutive or separate, but no more than a total of 3 nights of overnight parking is permitted.