Silent Auction

An annual favourite, the silent auction features new, tasteful, and valued items donated by cottagers and local businesses. Are you able to donate something to the silent auction, either personally, through your company or other contacts? This is a great way to advertise! All auction items will be greatly appreciated.

Our amazing auctioneers, Lynda and Martha are gratefully receiving islanders’ donated auction items at the auction site, Lot 70, on weekends leading up to Regatta. During the week, please drop off your donations at the Sandford cottage (Lot 65). Please have your donations to us as soon as possible (preferably by the evening of regatta Thursday) to facilitate smooth organization of the auction.

Please provide an approximate retail value of your donations and deliver them by Thursday of regatta weekend at the latest! Many thanks to all our contributors.

On Saturday morning (at approx. 10:00 a.m.), the auction items will be on display and the bidding procedures will begin so that all those interested get a chance to take part in the “bidding frenzy” that draws so many excited buyers.

Successful bidders will be rewarded at the end of the auction. The end-time will be announced at Saturday’s Regatta over the P.A. system.

Many thanks!