Starts Regatta Saturday, after the awards ceremony

Registration is $20 per team (Guaranteed 2 games)

The top 6 teams from previous year will be seeded.  Remaining teams will be seeded in order of signup.

Prizes: Game balls to the semifinalists; “Beverages” and tournament trophy to winning team.

Snake Island Volleyball Rules

Updated July 2016

  1. There must be a minimum of 2 females and 4 Islanders on the court at all times.
    • Definition of an “Islander”: A direct relation to the leaseholder (i.e. sibling, child, grandchild, niece/ nephew). Spouses of direct relations fall within the definition. Boyfriends/ girlfriends fall into a grey area that require a judgement call by the tournament organizers prior to your first game being played and will only be considered on an exception basis.
    • Please note that the purpose of this rule is to ensure the tournament remains an island tournament run by and for Islanders. Historically there have been situations where the feel of the tournament changed as people stocked their teams with “ringers” who proceeded to dominate the tournament.
  2. Matches are best 2 of 3 to 15 (games must be won by 2 points, cap of 21), with the final match best 2 of 3 to 21 (no cap in games in final match).
    • Every time the ball drops a point is awarded – you do not need to serve to earn the point.
    • Note that if the winner of the final match is the team from the B ladder, then there will be one final sudden death game to 21. i.e. You have to lose twice to finish second.
  3. Max number of serves (for one player’s turn) is 5, team must then rotate to a new server.
  4. Minimum age for all players is 12
  5. Max number of teams in the tournament is 16 (so sign up early!)
  6. “Lifting” the ball is not allowed.
    • A lift is considered a fault and occurs when a player raises up the ball using their fingers or palms rather than hitting the ball. A lift may also be called if the ball stays in the players hand for too long.
  7. Volleying off the serve is allowed, but be careful to avoid a “double hit” (unsynchronized hand contact with the ball). Blocking and spiking off the serve is not allowed.
  8. Players positioned at the back line are allowed to hit, but must do so from the back line – approx. 3m from the net (i.e. a back line player may not hit from the front line at the net).
  9. Players cannot make contact with the ball on the opponent’s side of the net, but their hand may go over the net on follow through.
  10. If a player accidentally goes under the net but does not interfere with the play, it will not be considered a fault.
  11. Questionable or contested plays are to be re-served except in the semi or final matches where games are refereed – in which case ref’s call is final.
    • Please note that the refs are volunteers who know the game but are not certified. Be nice.
  12. For timing purposes, the tournament may be played on two courts: the sand court at regatta site and the grass court at Morrisons (lots 78-79).
  13. A player can only be on 1 team, no switching teams (even after your team gets knocked out).
  14. Teams not present when their game is called will forfeit the game.
    • Exceptions will be made wherever possible for horseshoe players as long as a team member is present to communicate their whereabouts and availability.
    • Please note the purpose of this rule is to ensure the tournament runs on a timely basis and exceptions are made to ensure both the horseshoe and volleyball tournaments can continue to run with maximum players.

This tournament belongs to the Islanders and the rules have been designed to maximize enjoyment and limit disagreements. If you feel the tournament would be improved by the modification of an existing rule or the addition of a new rule, please bring it to the attention of the tournament organizers for consideration.